Monday, February 21, 2011

GoToWeb 2.0

This is a major update on GoToWeb. It is released as Demo and Full(paid) versions. There are many new features and optimization introduced in this version.

View Modes

The bookmarks can be viewed in several view modes. Edit position mode is useful in positioning the items in the list. Other view modes are good for displaying many bookmarks in one screen.

Scrollable Folder Tabs

Folder tabs are scrollable. Folder tabs are optimized for performance. They are created once and rendered as needed.

Fav Icon

Fav Icons are downloaded and stored in SD card. Using reload menu command fav icons can be downloaded afresh. At this time GoToWeb is not able to download some unusual large fav icons. A fix is coming soon.

Web View

Bookmarks can be browsed in a web view inside GoToWeb. This is very handy for quick browsing and adding new book marks. From the web view the full browser can be launched by the menu command. Please note that there is a setting to launch the full browser directly from GoToWeb list screens.

Folder Management

Folder management is improved in GoToWeb. Folders are created as either main folder or child folder. A main folder can be converted into a child folder and vice versa. A child folder can be assigned to one or more main folders.

Cleanup Browser

This helps in backing up and wiping out browser bookmarks and history. This feature should be used very carefully.


  1. wish you had a regular website w/contact info. question: Will this only work with the default browser? I use Dolphin Browser HD Pro. please reply to Thanks

  2. Just can't tell you how impressed I am with your program. I wanted something that would let me import my PC Firefox bookmarks. Thought I had a couple hundred. Turned out to be over a thousand. GoToWeb imported all of them without a hiccup, and kept the folder-structure intact. I was astounded! Thank you for making my day. :-)